Chief Keef has been dropping music in and out throughout the year. Chief Keef and DP Beats are now on the sophomore collaborative project.
Almighty DP had a struggle when it was first released because it was made to believe that it was just a DP Beats project, which turned out that Chief Keef was on each track. It wasn’t long after the word got out that Keef was a huge part of that mixtape which resulted in more downloads and sells.

01. Aint Even Know (Prod. By DP Beats)
02. Bag (Prod. By DP Beats)
03. Bands (Prod. By DP Beats)
04. Bouncin (Prod. By DP Beats)
05. Fair (Prod. By DP Beats)
06. Fever (Prod. By DP Beats)
07. Flu (Prod. By DP Beats)
08. Shorties (Prod. By DP Beats)
09. Swerve (Prod. By DP Beats)
10. TD (Prod. By DP Beats)
11. Where [(Prod. By DP Beats])

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